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Rosie: Maudie Prickett. Mon, Feb 28, 30 mins. Hazel mistakes an artist for a house painter. Ames: Claude Akins. Ralph: Bill McLean. Mon, Mar 7, 30 mins. Steve tries selling a house in an exclusive neighborhood.

Bill: Lawrence Haddon. Craven: John Harmon. Mon, Mar 14, 30 mins. Hazel tries marketing her chili sauce. Lynn Borden, Ray Fulmer. Rickey: Ed Prentiss. Moore: Byron Foulger. Mon, Mar 21, 30 mins. Tea-leaf reader Hazel sees trouble for Steve. Hogan: Guy Raymond. Fillmore: Kathryn Givney. Mon, Mar 28, 30 mins. Hazel enters Steve in a perfect-boss contest. Clara: Alice Backes. Mon, Apr 4, 30 mins. Harold is jealous when his friend is put in an advanced class.

Mon, Apr 11, 30 mins. Hazel runs afoul of the real-estate commission when she tries to drum up business for Steve. Johansson: John Qualen. Johansson: Alice Frost. Ryan: Bill Zuckert. Sat, Jan 9, 30 mins. Thu, Jun 9, 30 mins. Fri, Jun 10, 30 mins. Close Ad. Live TV. The Best VPNs of New This Month. Netflix’s New Shows and Movies in June. She and Hazel determine they are part of a crime ring. George gets involved in helping to save Grace and Hazel from Grace’s employer who is involved in a crime gang.

Hazel comes to the rescue when Dorothy is unable to model in Deirdre’s fashion show. Hazel bets a chubby Mr. B that he can’t lose ten pounds. A tax appraiser comes to the Baxter house when a prospective client is to visit. Hazel does not realize it is the tax appraiser, and so she starts bragging and exaggerating about all the expensive items in the house.

The taxes are raised. Hazel receives a letter from England, which suggests the possibility that she may be a Countess. Leo G. Carroll guest stars as a self-made millionaire. George searches for his client’s great-grandchild. Hazel befriends a down-on-his luck man she meets in the park. The Baxter’s hire him to do handy work around the house. Soon, as things disappear, they wonder if he is a thief. Hazel finds out the city council has plans to change the park to a business area.

She decides to fight city hall. George tells the family he wants to take them out to dinner. Hazel talks him into going to her friends new restaurant. S1, Ep8.

When Hazel plays matchmaker between George’s niece and her own nephew, George’s sister doesn’t like it one bit. S1, Ep9. It’s Thanksgiving, and the Baxter’s have company. George’s sister is there, upset with her husband. George’s mother talks of being lonely. Hazel steps in and helps each of them while trying to get the dinner made.

S1, Ep The family wants to get away for a vacation, but George has to stay for work. Dorothy and Harold go on the trip, and Dorothy asks Hazel to stay with George and encourage him to stop working on join in on the family fun. Hazel takes a course in personality improvement. Hazel moonlights to earn Christmas spending money. Dorothy’s problem: telling George she bought a piano. Harold finds a stray dog that he names, Smiley. Unfortunately, the rightful owners later come to the Baxter home to claim him and Hazel sets about trying to find a way for the dog to remain in the Baxter household.

Hazel helps an elderly couple, Mr. Johnson, to find a new maid after their own housekeeper quits. Hazel writes a cookbook and has trouble getting it published until Mr. Baxter helps. Dorothy: Whitney Blake. Harold: Bobby Buntrock. Pat: Sally Mansfield. Thu, Dec 14, 30 mins. Hazel takes a course in personality improvement. Thu, Dec 21, 30 mins. Hazel moonlights to earn Christmas spending money. Larry: Byron Foulger. Thu, Dec 28, 30 mins. Dorothy’s problem: telling George she bought a piano.

Peggy: Frances Helm. Thu, Jan 4, 30 mins. How to teach the Baxters’ old dog new tricks? Shirley Booth, Don DeFore. Thu, Jan 11, 30 mins. Hazel tries to recruit a new maid for the Johnsons. Harriet: Norma Varden. Herbert: Donald Foster. Thu, Jan 18, 30 mins. Hazel discovers that her recipes have been published. Fenton: Harry Ellerbe. Thu, Jan 25, 30 mins. Hazel tries making Mr. Griffin more sociable.

Thu, Feb 1, 30 mins. Hazel is snubbed by other vacationers at a resort. Edith: Peg La Centra. Elaine: Betty Lou Gerson. Thu, Feb 8, 30 mins. Hazel’s suspicions rise as George’s old girlfriend visits. Trudy: Kathie Browne. Thu, Feb 15, 30 mins. A businessman tries selling worthless stock to Hazel’s friends. Thu, Mar 1, 30 mins.


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Hazel brings the warring Baxters together at Thanksgiving. Winter Wonderland. Psychology enables Hazel to force a vacation on George. Hazel’s Winning Personality. Attempts to improve her personality win Hazel criticism. Hazel’s Christmas Shopping. Clerk Hazel abets, then helps nab, a department store thief.

Dorothy’s Obsession. Dorothy sees an old piano while hunting antiques. Hazel’s Dog Days. Smiley’s original owner comes looking for his lost dog. A Replacement for Phoebe. Hazel must find a replacement maid for the neighbors. Hazel’s Famous Recipes.

Cookbook author Hazel innocently plagiarizes recipes. Hazel’s Tough Customer. A lonely bachelor grows fond of Hazel and proposes marriage. Hazel’s Secret Wish. Hazel vacations incognito at a resort for rich women. Hazel, the Tryst-Buster. Runtime 1 hour 28 minutes. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

Edit page. See the full list. Watch the video. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. Learn more. As a favor to Hazel, Deirdre gets Smiley into the dog show. Hazel tells her the news that she isn’t a Countess. Deirdre now has to cancel all her big party plans for Hazel.

Lester Matthews appears as Reginald Archibald the British barrister. Russell Collins appears as Mr. Butterworth, George’s law partner. March 5, George meets the millionaire William Cady Leo G. Carroll who has written an autobiography where he claims, untruthfully, that a mystery woman helped him with his career. Hazel’s thinks it’s Rosie that Cady wrote about, along with countless other woman. At his hotel room, Cady is rude to all the women who showed up and Hazel tells him off. George, not knowing any of this, invites Cady to his house for dinner.

George hopes to have Cady donate some of his artwork to the local museum. When Cady sees Hazel, he storms out of the house. Later, because of something Hazel said, Cady donates his paintings. Barry, Cady’s assistant. March 12, Hazel’s nearsightedness in reading a message causes George to arrive way too early at the airport to pick up Mr.

But, while there, George runs into Mr. Martindale, who owns a business that Mr. Griffin wants to buy. George closes the deal. Meanwhile, Hazel goes on a wild goose chase trying to find George to tell him of her mistake.

Jester Hairston appears as Marvin. March 19, Hazel agrees to do commercials for Mr. Hazel wants to stop, but she is tied to a 3 year contract. Griffin buys the company from Buckley, so Hazel is released from the contract.

March 26, Note: This is the last episode with Charlie the antiques dealer. Mario Siletti passed away 3 weeks after this episode aired. April 2, Hazel befriends a down-on-his luck man named Willie Gaffney Byron Foulger that she meets in the park.

George is sure he knows Willie from somewhere and that he had been in trouble. The Johnson’s hire Willie to do handy work around the house and they are quite pleased with his work. Willie suddenly leaves without a word. A special antique bowl of theirs also disappears and the Johnson’s believe Willie may have just misplaced it. Everyone else wonders if Willie is a thief. Willie returns with the bowl.

Turns out he broke the original and was working in a garage to get money to replace it. Jerry Hausner appears as Homer Dandridge. Owen Bush appears as a Policeman. April 9, Hazel fights city councilman Perry Preston James Flavin , who plans to re-zone the city park to make way for factories. Hazel starts a petition signing against the factories. Then she and Mr. Sudley Philip Ober convince George to run against Mr.

During the TV debate, George and Hazel bring up some compelling arguments to keep the park as it is. Councilman Preston agrees and changes his mind about the re-zoning. Harold Gould appears as the TV announcer. Sam Edwards appears as Make-up Man.

Maidie Norman appears as Lady. April 16, Note: The then-newly-introduced Ford Mustang made one of its first TV appearances in this episode as the Baxters’ new car. When Deirdre finds out the local theater is putting on a play for charity, she decides to try out for the lead. She gets a part in the play, but much to her chagrin, she has to play a maid. Max Denton Harvey Korman , the director of the play, suggests that Hazel help coach Deirdre for her role. Meanwhile, George and Dorothy run into wealthy E.

McClaine Hugh Sanders at a restaurant and wind up having to pick up his check. Hoping to get his account for George, Dorothy invites McClaine to dinner that evening. At the house, McClaine insults Deirdre, thinking she is an incompetent maid. Max Denton shows up just in time to see Deirdre throw a pie at McClaine’s face. Both Deirdre and McClaine get parts in the play. George’s cousin Fred visits again, asking for money.

George refuses to give it to him. George drives his freeloading cousin out of the house. That evening Hazel discovers that her government bonds and Dorothy’s fur coat, among other things, are missing. They reluctantly suspect Fred until he comes back with a new job and the real crook is caught. Harold Gould appears as Mr.

Wheeler, the man who gives Fred a job. Robert Shayne appears as the Police Lieutenant. September 24, Hazel is a big fan of the Governor, but George wants Hazel to promise not to monopolize the conversation. They are trying to find affordable housing near the campus. Hazel wants to mention this to the Governor, but George insists she doesn’t.

While the luncheon is going on, they have to deal with protesters outside the house demanding better housing for college students. The Governor, once he understands their dilemma, agrees to help.

Douglas Dick appears as Tom Jennings, the Governor’s assistant. October 1, George tries to write a business contract for Mr. Griffin and another equally difficult man, Mr. Egan Maurice Manson. The two men are bitter rivals. Hazel steps in hoping to get the two men to agree. George is just about to have the men sign the contract when Hazel announces dinner. She pulls a surprise dinner on both of them, when they each expected something else.

Griffin is upset and gets up to leave. Hazel smooths things over with Mr. Griffin and gets the men to sign the contract.

October 8, At a party, Harry feels pressured to ask Linda to marry him and she in the heat of the moment accepts. Both of them immediately regret it, but don’t know how to tell each other.

George sits the two of them down and tries to get both of them off the hook. But before he can, a crowd of friends burst into the Baxter house to wish the couple well. They even bring a woman from the marriage license bureau.

Hazel finds a way to get Linda and Phil back together and they get married right then. October 15, George’s work with the Defense Department results in him receiving a large flag as a gift. Meanwhile, George and Harry Noll have a fight that could end their friendship. George gets upset when Hazel buys a thirty foot flagpole for the front yard. Hazel must come up with a way to mend the friendship and keep the flagpole.

Hazel’s first attempt to get the men together backfires. But she finally succeeds in mending the friendship. There’s a little problem when putting in the flagpole. Frank Cady appears as Mr. Pincus, the flagpole salesman. October 22, George’s nephew Kevin Burkett Michael Callan is discharged from the army and comes for a visit.

Apparently, while he was away, Kevin’s wife Helen Maggie Blye asked for a divorce. Kevin tells Hazel that his friends stopped writing him and he now wants nothing to do with them. Hazel speaks with one of Kevin’s friends named Bill. She finds out that Kevin wanted him to spy on Helen because Kevin thought she was going out with other men.

Bill says that Helen repeatedly told Kevin there was no one else, but Kevin wouldn’t believe her. Hazel confronts Kevin and he says he thought Helen was unfaithful due to Hazel’s letters. It appears Kevin misinterpreted what Hazel said and his jealous side overtook him. Kevin speaks to Helen and they agree to try and work things out.

October 29, George is fed up with Hazel’s constant interference in his affairs, so he makes a new rule for the family that everyone will mind their own business. Hazel is not pleased. Griffin wants Hazel’s opinion on a new disposable skillet, so George must back-track his rule. But to have some fun, Hazel won’t give her opinion on the skillet. The next day when she decides to tell George her thoughts on the matter, he thinks she is turning him down again and he won’t listen.

Now Hazel is going to make George stew for a little while. Griffin calls Hazel and she won’t give him an answer. Hazel comes up with a plan where she can get George to get rid of the interfering pact, give her opinion on the skillet and have George think it was his idea.

November 5, Harriet and Herbert Johnson’s muddled finances become a problem for the couple, forcing George to step in to try and fix the situation. For the time being, George puts the Johnson’s on a very tight budget. George thinks he has lost some of the Johnson’s stocks and bonds and now has to tell them. Meanwhile, Harriet and Herbert by each other expensive anniversary presents. George wants to know where they got the money.

He initially thinks the Johnson’s took the bonds to get the money. It comes out that each of them, without knowing the other did it as well, sold some of their possessions to pay for the gifts. The Baxter’s find out that Smiley buried the envelope with the stocks and bonds in the yard after he digs it up. November 12, After entering herself in a homemaking contest, Hazel becomes a finalist for the top prize – a trip for two to the World’s Fair in New York.

Hazel would like to take Harold for his birthday. The other finalist is Louise Masters Peggy Rea , a widower with a little boy. Hazel feels sorry for her and throws the final bake-off so Louise can win. Once the family realizes what Hazel did, George says he’ll take the whole family to the World’s Fair. Woodrow Parfrey appears as Lester Morton, the man running the contest.

Sue England appears as Mrs. November 19, Without consulting George, Hazel shows the Noll’s the neighbors house. George tells Hazel he doesn’t want Harry living next door.

Now Hazel tries to talk the Noll’s out of the house, but Harry makes the deal anyway. George reluctantly accepts the fact that Harry will be his neighbor. November 26, The family doesn’t realize that it is only a test to see if they are capable of hosting the real Russian.

At the Thanksgiving meal, Hazel finally has enough and tells off the Commissar. Later that evening, Pozega and Mr. Hicks return and explain the whole thing. Douglas Henderson appears as Mr. Hicks, a State Dept. Willis Bouchey appears as the Mayor. Stuart Nisbet appears as a Reporter. December 3, Hazel and Dorothy encourage George to remodel the kitchen.

But his initial refusal forces Hazel to take other means to get him to change his mind. George eventually decides to redo the kitchen.

Clyde gives George a very over-priced estimate. George lets Dorothy and Hazel handle getting a contractor. Though it takes longer than he thought it would, George is pleased with the finished kitchen. December 10, Harry Noll and his new bride Rita move next door to the Baxters.

Harry finds some woman’s negligee in his dresser that had been left there by accident when he lent out his old place to his secretary Susan. Hazel finds the negligee in the garbage, and thinking it’s Ritas, gives it back to her.

When Rita confronts him about it, Harry makes up many stories about it. Hazel and Dorothy mediate Harry and Rita’s first fight. December 17, George’s sister Deirdre and her husband Harry have a huge fight over the couple’s future plans.

Harry then tells Deirdre that he is retiring and moving to Bora Bora and he’ll go without her if need be. They temporarily separate and Harry is staying at a gentleman’s club. Hazel has a talk with Deirdre and finds out how much she cares for Harry. Hazel sneaks into the club with a message from Deirdre that brings her and Harry back together. William Bakewell appears as the Clerk. Peter Forster appears as the Doorman.

December 24, George becomes a scrooge when he refuses to give in to the commercialism of Christmas. Dorothy mistakenly believes a mink coat is a Christmas present from George, not realizing that Harry Noll bought it for his wife Rita and asked George to hide it.

Dorothy later finds out from Harry that the mink is for Rita and is disappointed. Hazel tries to get a nice gift for Dorothy, but has no luck getting credit. George changes his mind about the Christmas spirit and buys Dorothy a mink as well. Lindsay Workman appears as Credit Manager. Molly Dodd appears as Miss Scott. January 7, Golfer Tony Lema comes to town for a tournament, but when the Baxter family picks him up at the airport, Hazel inadvertently loses his clubs. Hazel put the clubs into a car that looks exactly like the Baxter’s.

What follows is a mad scramble to find the clubs without letting Tony know they’re gone. Hazel eventually recovers the clubs. Alice Backes appears as Miss Logan.

Hal Baylor appears as a Policeman. January 14, The dog even makes trouble for mailman Barney. When Hazel learns about the dogs allergy, she comes up with a plan to have the Durhams and the dog leave quickly.

January 21, Harold trades his prized football for a date to the school party with a girl named Zelda. Hazel asks Harold where the football is as it was a gift from her and he says he lost it in the park. She does later find out that he traded it. Hazel thinks that Harold is growing up too fast and that she is losing him. Hazel drives Harold to the party. She then embarrasses him when she stays at the dance to chaperone and cleans ice cream off his jacket. Harold loses interest in the girl when she tries to change him.

Hazel realizes that Harold isn’t growing up that fast and she still has him for awhile. Virginia Gregg appears as Miss Tilcy. February 4, George is to meet with Bianca Bellina Barbara Shelley , a volatile Italian opera singer who is to perform at a local function. Meanwhile, Hazel’s friend Enzo Gregory Morton returns. He agrees to escort Hazel to a Bowling League dance. Bianca plays the diva act to the hilt by refusing to perform at the function. George has Bianca over for dinner and she throws another tantrum.

Hazel gets Enzo to calm Bianca down, for the time being. Bianca will not perform unless Enzo is there and it is the same night as Hazel’s dance. Enzo finds a way to make everyone happy. Fredric M. February 11, Hazel is going to give George a sweepstakes ticket as a birthday present. Problems develop after Mayor Dixon Willis Bouchey appoints George to a special task force on gambling related sweepstakes tickets.

Before George can open Hazel’s present, she switches it for something different. Reporters inform George about the ticket and publish the story in the paper, even though George claims he doesn’t have the ticket. When Hazel finds out about the problems her present is causing, she gives the ticket to the Salvation Army.

The ticket winds up being a winner. Hazel confesses to George and the Mayor that she bought the ticket. Florence Sundstrom appears as Matilda. February 18, George has hurt his back. After enduring no television reception for days, George calls Mr. Harold would like to set up short-wave radio and his new friend Bruce Camden would help him. Gilbert comes by and despite the reception still being bad, he claims there is nothing wrong with the TV. He says there is some outside disturbance causing the problem.

This leads George to believe that Bruce’s short-wave is the problem. George speaks with Mr. Camden William Bramley and Bruce and they say that the radio could not be the issue. George still thinks it’s Bruce’s fault. A man from the power company comes by and discovers that it was George’s heating pad that caused the interference. George gets Bruce a gift as an apology. February 25, Hazel’s friend Gus Anderson Paul Barselou wants to buy his wife some new furniture, but he doesn’t have the money.

Egan comes by and tells George that he found out his office was bugged with a listening device. Egan believes his rival department store Mohawk might be trying to find out where he will build his next store.

Egan sees Harold and Gus playing with the listening device he brought over. Roland fires Gus. Egan gets the land he wanted. George and Egan are so happy, they get Gus another job and the furniture he wanted. Jonathan Hole appears as Mr. March 4, Hazel gets arrested after she takes matters into her own hands by painting a crosswalk for increased safety.

Donald Burton Hugh Marlowe , a reporter, hears about Hazel’s story and hopes to use it to harm the Mayor politically. George agrees to defend her in court on the condition she doesn’t say a word. In court, Hazel can’t help but speak up and George resigns as her lawyer.

We buy this documentary film, most all of us, already knowing the ending. So how is it, this is one of the most terrifying films to watch? This film documents a monumental human achievement, free solo climbing El Capitan, no ropes.

No other human being has done this. It’s an accomplishment owned by one person: Alex alone. You will wonder how his brain works. Ha ha, they attempt to cover that question This sport is deadly. The film doesn’t shy away from this fact. Many before him have perished. There is a point in the early part of this film where Alex is having a deep conversation with his friend and fellow climber, Tommy Caldwell. Tommy has a sobering talk with Alex about the 20, 30 climbers he knew who have died climbing.

We see some of their photos with dates of birth and death listed. Alex is a phenomenal human being. Although he basically lives in a van most of the year, he’s worth something now, he’s philanthropic and obviously cares about our environment. I sincerely hope, as we all do, that he quits while he’s ahead. There is, no room for error. To the haters, I say this: You can add years to your life or you can add life to your years.

I learned this quote after the famous runner, Jim Fix, died. Running has been proven to not add years to your life but every runner will tell you it adds life to your years and perhaps for Alex Honnold, this is his way of adding life to his years. Let him shine brightly. My five stars is likely due to the fact that I went into this knowing what to expect, after reading the reviews here.

I loved it, actually. I did not think I would, but the reviews, particularly the negative ones, actually intrigued me more. These two have some similarities, beyond their daredevil climbing, for sure. What drew me to wanting to watch this film was an interest more in the psychology and especially his relationship with Sanni amidst his lifestyle. From my perspective I think that, though I initially felt annoyed and slightly suspicious of Sanni, I actually realized through watching this that, regardless of either of these two humans personal flaws, they are actually in love with one another.

The love is true.


“Midsomer Murders” Till Death Do Us Part (TV Episode ) – IMDb

In Dorothy’s absence, Hazel’s gaiety drives George to break. Hazel gets George to enter the political limelight when a historical park is threatened.


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